Micheal Bellamy
2011 New York Emmy Award Nominee Founder of MAB21 NY-based Senior Sports Producer /Anchor/ Commentator with over 10 years’ experience reporting on news-worthy sports events and interviewing renowned sports figures with an articulate and engaging style. A proud 54th Annual New York Emmy Award 2011 Nominee. Specializing in reporting on MBS, NHL, PGA, Motor Sports, Tennis plus and winter sports. Seasoned sports-related news editorialist with eclipse ratings and market share. Employers include: BCAT Sports Talk, ESPN (“Black College Sports Today”), MBS and NYC Sports Network.com. “He taught me how to just be myself in this industry.” – Gerald J. Huggins, ESPN Production Assistant “It wasn’t always easy hearing the hard truth, but I got it from him. Thanks to that, I was able to get my first TV anchoring job in El Paso, TX.” - Stephanie Jimenez, NBC affiliate - “Without question, the two years under Michael’s leadership and direction sparked my professional development and prepared me for my current role.” - Alexandra Coppadge, Director of Communications, City of Wilmington, DE