Louis Carr
Author, Motivational Speaker

Louis Carr is the President of Media Sales for BET Networks and one of the most influential and prominent African-Americans in the media and advertising industries. A long way from humble beginnings on the west-side of Chicago, Louis Carr is responsible for more advertising dollars targeting African-American consumers than any other professional or company in history. A corporate executive, author, philanthropist, fashionista, and dynamic motivational speaker, Louis Carr is giving audiences nationwide a reason to recalibrate their lives. His powerful words and unapologetic delivery are inspiring people around the country to have a new perspective on reinventing themselves, building a vision for success, and overcoming adversity.

Louis Carr is a dynamic and inspirational speaker known to captivate audiences across the country.  In 2016 he toured universities, addressed national conference audiences, and was hosted by Barnes & Noble Booksellers for numerous book signings. Whether giving a keynote address at a large corporate event or speaking to a small group in an intimate setting, Louis Carr is motivating the masses to reinvent themselves for today’s workforce, sharing valuable tips for how vision drives success, and providing strategies for overcoming obstacles personally and professionally.

Thirty-four years in black entertainment and he’s definitely got secrets to tell. Author and motivational speaker Louis Carr has made a mark with Dirty Little Secrets, a commendable “pay it forward” effort to share what no one else will. Dirty Little Secrets are the important life lessons that have been key to his success in life and business. These are lessons that will change your life by helping you find the correct path to your destiny.

Louis Carr Internship Foundation (LCIF) provides paid internships in communications to undergraduate students of color.

For over 10 years, LCIF has dedicated its efforts to improve diversity in corporate America. This invaluable foundation provides a platform for students of color to gain practical experience with paid internships. Since inception of his mentorship program, there have been one hundred and eighteen paid interns and 22 interns who have garnered full time employment opportunities in the marketing and media arena.

For more information: http://iamlouiscarr.com