LaToya Shambo
CEO & Founder, Black Girl Digital, Inc.
LaToya Shambo is set out to be a true Media Trailblazer. Honing in on her career strengths - ad ops, sales, and marketing - LaToya has launched Black Girl Digital, the first premium content ad network designed for black millennial female content creators. Already working with brands such as VH1, BET, and Sephora, the goal is to connect major advertisers with the black female audience authentically and more efficiently. Launching her beta in 2016 with 6 sites (Fashion Bomb Daily, Circa88, The Cut Life, Everything Girls Love, Live Civil, Her Agenda), the success propelled to recruit 70 new content creators and access to over 300 for 2017! LaToya Shambo is destined to be the next Digital Media Rising Star. LaToya attributes much of her career success to the millennial media powerhouse, Complex. During her 7 year run at Complex, LaToya worked in 3 departments (Ad Ops, Marketing, and Sales), on over 500 programs, and managed over $90 million in revenue. LaToya has worked with some of the biggest brands such as Nike, Reebok, Google, Samsung, McDonald’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Champs, Pepsi/Green Label, adidas, Chevy and many more. With a deep knowledge and full understanding of the forever growing digital advertising landscape, LaToya plans to educate, motivate, and inspire her community to navigate it all and increase the number of black women in the advertising community. Recently landing a job at her dream company, Conde Nast, LaToya provides program pricing during the strategy phase then activates the campaigns in post-sale. She is also a part of the newly formed Diversity Taskforce as Conde Nast. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Houston, TX, LaToya always had a passion for talent development. After high school graduation she had her heart set on becoming an A&R (Artist & Repertoire). However, after the first year of attending Five Towns College, and landing an internship at Bad Boy Entertainment, she quickly realized that music business was not for her. Channeling her love for advertising, LaToya discovered The Fashion Institute of Technology, and that they had more to offer than just fashion! Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Marketing, LaToya landed her first job in Local Traditional Media Buying working on accounts such as McDonald’s, Sears, and KMart. Shortly after she shifted into Digital Planning/Buying and the rest is history.