Jennifer Hopson
Multicultural Leadership Advisor, AARP

Jennifer Hopson is an Advisor within Multicultural Leadership department at AARP. In her role, she influences strategic thinking, planning and programming around the national African American/Black strategy, nationally.  In addition, she serves in a consultative enterprise-wide role charged with building national awareness and deepening community engagement to advance AARP's social impact agenda through an intersectional approach.

Prior to this role, Jennifer was the Associate State Director for multicultural outreach for AARP California for six years. She created strategic, cultural competent direction uniting both community outreach and communications to expand public education and campaign reach within multicultural communities.  

Previously she was the Health Equity Director at American Heart Association where she identified barriers and factors that prevent the Black community in Southern California from having ideal heart health. She designed and implemented prevention programs to help narrow this health disparity and secured funding to produce events such as Powerful Black Family Celebration and a program for young black males to learn about preventative health conditions and introduce them to many facets of the healthcare field.  Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations from Howard University. Ms. Hopson’s work is driven by the philosophy that effective communications, education and culture work can move worthy causes. Her passion is to make health, financial security and education equitable across race, age, class, gender worldwide. A proud South Jersey girl, Jennifer has lived in Brooklyn, NY, Los Angeles, CA and now calls Washington, DC home.