Glenda Gil
VP, Supplier Success LLC,
Glenda Gill currently serves as Vice President of  Supplier Success LLC, a supplier finance company focused on providing working capital for corporations and suppliers,  with a specific focus on diversity markets and minority owned businesses. Previously, Gill served 18 years as Executive Director of the Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project and led the initiative from its inception. Under her  leadership, the Automotive Project became the premiere advocate for diversity & inclusion for the automotive industry; expanded and built bridges to ensure strategic opportunity and ethnic business empowerment.  Gill  launched an automotive survey and a  first  time scorecard for automotive diversity accountability; she organized and led a 16-person trade delegation to Japan to enhance business contracts;  negotiated over $4 billion in business contracts for minority businesses; advocated and served as lead negotiator in Toyota’s 21st Century Diversity Strategy, a 10 year, $7.8 Billion initiative and lastly developed and became the advocate for  automotive financial literacy education and training for consumers. In addition to Gill’s numerous professional honors, she is most proud of the being a founder of  “SAVE A GIRL, SAVE A WORLD”, a non-profit  multi-generational mentoring initiative focused on coaching and developing of young women of color  in high school and college at HBCU’s.