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February 1, 2021: “The State Of Black America: Value, Strength, and Opportunity ”

The State of Black America: Value, Strength and Opportunity. The Pandemic of 2020 saw simultaneous challenges for Black Americans. Disproportionate numbers of Black Americans died from COVID-19, there was an explosion of international grassroots empathy for and even support against Black American injustices. Black Women demonstrated their influence and voting power in the general election and again in Georgia and the inequities in the corporate workplace and boardrooms were finally exposed.

Given our history and these events, our panelists will tackle the question set before the Black community, business and political leaders: What does the future look like for Black Americans? The discussion will be led by noted market researcher Pepper Miller and speakers include financial expert Bishop De’Andre Salter; Tiyale Hayes, BET; Arva Rice, New York Urban League and Cheryl Grace, Nielsen IQ.

The session was Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page,, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #onlyatmobe #mobeaccellerates #StateOfBlackAmerica #OurCultureInfluencesTheWorld

January 18, 2021: “Blacks Give Back”

In the wake of the pandemic and George Floyd, many vulnerabilities of the Black community have been exposed. Martin Luther King Day has become a day of service and a time we reflect on the fight for justice… and often we find there’s JUST US. We look at the importance and future of Philanthropy for the Black community.

Hosted by Ken Rye, Ken Rye Marketing, our speakers include Christal Jackson, Head and Heart Philanthropy and Mosaic Genius; Steven J. Casey, The MacArthur Foundation and Dr. Adrienne Booth Johnson, Infinity Global Connections.

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #onlyatmobe #mobeaccelerates #ujima #MOBEUjima #MOBEGivesBack #philanthropy #BlacksGiveBack

January 12, 2021: “Human Trafficking: How Entertainment, Sports and Ministry Collide to Combat This Threat”

Sex and human trafficking is the fastest-growing illegal industry in the world, second only to the drug industry. It is a global, $150B industry and make no mistake about it, it is modern-day slavery happening here in the U.S. in urban, suburban and rural areas. Entertainment, sports, ministry and education industries are coming together to fight this threat to our men, women and especially our children.

Join this important discussion hosted by Dorinda Walker, CEO Cultural Solutions Group with speakers Jacquelyn Aluotto, Human Trafficking Specialist and Co-Founder of NTZ “No Trafficking Zone”; Dr. James Dixon II, Senior Pastor, The Community of Faith Church and Rich Love Society, Human Trafficking Survivor Leader.

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #onlyatmobe #mobeaccellerates #culturalsolutionsgroup #ntz #notraffickingzone #communityoffaith #richlovesociety #stophumantrafficking #stopsextrafficking


December 14, 2020: “The MOBE Way, The Promise of 2021 and NGUZO SABA

In our final MOBE Mondays episode for 2020, we will reflect on the 39 shows we’ve presented in 2020 and our application of the principles of Kwanzaa, on which MOBE was built.
In 2021, we will continue #MOBEMondays, add some Master Classes, and host a dynamic MOBE Symposium, all virtually and safe! Join us as we close out this emotional year with a celebration of our strength, resilience, and perseverance and a special new generation Kwanzaa Time performance! BTW, the first Kwanzaa Time CD was originally introduced at MOBE.
We’re honored that Synthia SAINT JAMES, the legendary artist who created the two Kwanzaa stamps allowed us to use the attached artwork, “Abundance”, which continues the theme of Kwanzaa and depicts 3 generations of a family.
#themobeway #blackowned #LegacyMatters #onlyatmobe #itskwanzaatime #nguzosaba #realmencharities

December 7, 2020: “Double Bind or Double Opportunity?: Navigating Age and Ageism in Multicultural Marketing

Historically the marketing and advertising industries have wrestled with inclusion on many levels. One of the forgotten arenas has been the reality of ageism that still permeates the industry. In the rush to chase youth and the latest thing, older professionals and consumers are lost in the rush.

The multicultural seniors market faces the double bind of age and culture. But can this industry gap be transformed to a powerful opportunity? Tackling this issue will be our host, Philip McKenzie, Executive Director of and panelists Raquelle Zuzarte, VP Marketing, The Washington Post; Larry Harris, Founder & CEO of Alpha Precision Media and Edna Kane-Williams, Senior Vice-President, Multicultural Leadership, AARP.

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #onlyatmobe #AdvancingDiversity #washingtonpost #apminc #aarp


Hold on tight as a Black triad of diverging opinions from varied POVs – gender, generational, and geographical tackle sh*t centered around Blackness in marketing, advertising and media. You don’t want to miss this conversation with Ericka Riggs, Chief DE&I officer , Omnicom Specialty Marketing Group; Walter T Geer, III, Executive Creative Officer, Experience Design, VMLY&R and derek walker, brown and browner advertising!

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #marketingwhileblack #advertisingwhileblack


It’s the MOBE Holiday Shopping Special, ushering in the most wonderful time of the year! In addition to the merriment of the season, it’s when many businesses and services drive and achieve some of their highest sales. We are highlighting those who cater to the Black Community’s unique needs and preferences. This curated group of offerings will create meaningful connections with consumers, offer personalized experiences, and provide our holiday shoppers with welcomed conveniences and peace of mind.

Hosted by Black Southern Belle’s founder, Michiel Perry, this special holiday shopping expedition features exceptional entrepreneurs Karla Winfrey, Winfrey Foods; Angela McCrae, Uncorked and Cultured; Wiley Mullins, Uncle Wiley’s; Kevin Miller, The Fresh Market; Yolanda White, Dayo Women; Jacqui Thompson, PRN Alumni; Sita Lewis, Mama Sita’s Miracle Butter Creme and the legendary visual artist Synthia SAINT JAMES.

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #entrepreneurs #smallbusiness #blacksouthernbelle #winfreyfoods #chowchow #uncorkedandcultured #BlackWineLovers #WineCulture #thefreshmarket #unclewileys #prnalumni #dayowomen #miraclebuttercream #synthiasaintjames


This subject was so important that we had to bring you a special MOBE Tuesday! We’re having a candid conversation about the microaggressions and overt discrimination that Black corporate executives have to endure. 
Control of budgets are slowly taken away or budgets are slashed drastically, you’re not invited to meetings, you are being disrespected. When you decide to leave, you’re required to sign an NDA that you won’t discuss the problems at the company or risk losing your severance package or being black-balled.
Two former corporate executives, Dorinda Walker, Cultural Solutions Group and Alex Gumbs, Channel Partner Group are ready to break the silence and share their stories with MOBE and Real Men Charities founder, Yvette Moyo. For all of the talk about creating an inclusive workplace, the reality in corporate America is very different. We’re having a no holds barred conversation about speaking up, the risks and benefits and how your silence affects the co-workers you left behind.
The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page,  and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #buried alive #realmencharities #culturalsolutionsgroup #channelpartnergroup


For those thinking of starting a business because you may not fit into the corporate culture or you feel that you’re ready to be your own boss, this episode is designed for you.
We plan to discuss the different types of entrepreneurship and what’s right for your personality and we’ll talk to small business owners and franchisees about their triumphs and challenges.
Our host is Connie Evans, the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, Aliyyah Baylor, Make My Cake and Winston Burns, Jr, Newburns Management group.
The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #entrepreneurs #smallbusiness #franchises #aeo #makemycake #NewburnsManagementGroup


The 2020 election has caused extreme anxiety, nervousness, excitement, fear, anger, or all of the above. The COVID-19 pandemic and protests for racial equality, coupled with documented overt hatred, has brought out a wave of emotions and truths about our friends, neighbors, co-workers, employers, and clients.  How do we handle it? How do we cope if the election results are not what we expect?  How do we get through these unsettling times and the upcoming holiday season with limited financial resources?  

Join our distinguished panel of motivational, spiritual, and mental wellness professionals who help us to break down these feelings and offer advice to help us through these unprecedented times – Dee C. Marshall, CEO, Diverse and Engaged, DeForest B. Soaries, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens and Trauma Therapist & Community Psychologist Dr. Obari Cartman, who is also Program Manager at Real Men Charities, the presenter of MOBE Mondays and the MOBE Symposium.

The session will be Livestreamed on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page,, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium.  #blackowned #LegacyMatters #diverseandengaged #CorporateCommunityConnections  #realmencharities 


On this insightful episode of #MOBEMondays, our host Kevin McFall, Inner-City Computer Stars Foundation and Red Clay Digital, assembled a panel of newspaper, archive and advertising thought leaders for an engaging conversation about the transformative state of Black newspapers and advertising in an era of uncertainty.  
While many count out the Black News industry, we will delve into the historic, current, and future relevancy of this industry and the vitality to communities of Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color. Our panel of experts includes Hiram Jackson, Real Times Media; Angela Ford, Obsidian Collection Archives, and Melvin Wilson, Solve Innovation Group.
The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page,  and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium.  #blackowned #LegacyMatters #BlackNews #advertisingwhileblack #RedClayDigital #SolveInnovationGroup #ObsidianCollectionArchives #RealTimesMedia 


In these last 3 weeks before the election, we are being bombarded with so many messages that we don’t know what to believe.   In this #MOBEMondays episode, Protecting The Vote, we will explain how we got here, what voters must do to protect their own vote, the media’s role in combatting mis and disinformation, the realities of when we may know the outcome, and much more.  Come prepared to ask our esteemed panel questions that may have confused you.
Pat Prescott from 94.7 The Wave will lead the discussion with Stephanie Owens from the NAACP, Evan Malbrough from the Georgia Poll Worker Project and Eric Cohen from Voting Rights Are Civil Rights.   #blackowned #LegacyMatters #JusticeNow #947thewave #naacp #GeorgiaPollWorkerProject #GAyouthpollworkers #votingrightsarecivilrights


In recognition of Indigenous People’s Day on October 12th, MOBE Mondays will focus on Solidarity between Black and Indigenous Peoples. We’ll be discussing the lack of knowledge among the communities about the other, the presence and representation of Black Natives, and how our communities can work together to support one another in community organizing, corporate spaces, (specifically film and media), and healing generational wounds. Ultimately, we seek to create a space where we can engage in inspirational, though sometimes difficult, conversations in pursuit of building bridges between Black and Indigenous Peoples. 
LaTerrian McIntosh, Founder of Outlast Arts Edu will lead the discussion with Turquoise Skye Devereaux, Co-Owner, Indigenous Community Collaborative,  Amber Starks, Black and Indigenous Activist/Cultural Critic and Rickah Dillard, Linguist & Epistemologist.
The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page,  and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium.  #blackowned  #LegacyMatters #MOBEMondays #indigenouspeople #OutlastArtsEdu #IndigenousCC #melaninmvskoke


We have a double-header on MOBE Mondays October 5th in celebration of #AdvertisingWeek! We’re starting with a virtual cocktail party on Zoom at 6 pm ET where you can mingle with old friends and meet new ones. The link is

At 7 pm ET, we move over to Facebook Live and YouTube Live for a powerful webinar “Life Lessons and Insights from Ad Industry Gamechangers and Change Agents!”

There has always been an awareness that the advertising industry has a major diversity problem. But since the recent social justice conversations, it has been seen that the big agencies and their holding companies take a lot of one-off gestures and actions to show their solidarity in the fight for racial equality.
Agencies have no idea how to address decades of systemic racism that has plagued the industry. Writing checks, circulating memos on unconscious bias, supporting #BlackOutTuesday, and making Juneteenth a company holiday does little to nothing to address the very real and substantive change required.

Our panel features Moderator Dorinda Walker, Cultural Solutions Group in discussion with the following iconic leaders who have been the business and community trailblazers in the marketing communications industry: Alex Lopez Negrete, Lopez Negrete Communications; Bill Imada, IW Group; derek walker, brown & browner; Ericka Riggs, the ADVERTISING Club of New York and Carol H. Williams, Carol H. Williams Advertising, who will share how they continue to shape the future of multicultural/ethnic agencies with a 21st-centurys mindset.

This MOBE Symposium session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium.

blackowned #LegacyMatters #MOBEMondays #LopezNegrete #IWgroup #brownandbrowner #carolhwilliamsadvertising #culturalsolutionsgroup #theADclubny


We’re just a few weeks away from the opening of the highly-anticipated National Museum of African American Music in Nashville. In this special Tuesday edition, we will hear about NMAAM’s initiatives of preserving and celebrating Black music and its contribution to American culture and soundtrack.

Tuwisha Rogers-Simpson, Vice-President of Brand and Partnerships at the museum will lead the discussion with Peter Kadin, Vice-President, Marketing at EMPIRE, Lynn Scott, Vice-President of Marketing at HITCO and Brandon Pankey, Vice-President of Business Development and Operations at Live Nation about how Black artists are marketed in the industry and how the increase of digital content has transformed how music is released and consumed.

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #MOBEMondays #blackowned #LegacyMatters #blackmusicmatters #NMAAM #HITCO #EMPIRE #LiveNation #blackmusic #blackmusicmarketing #itsabouttheculture


Minneapolis has always been known for incredible musicians, notably Prince, The Time, Sounds of Blackness, Mint Condition, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Lizzo, everyone from Paisley Park and so many more. In May 2020, this city of music made a different type of news with the killing of George Floyd, which led to global protests and a movement to stand up for Black lives.

Our esteemed panel will share their journeys growing up or working in Minneapolis and their part in that signature sound, music artists taking a stand in social justice issues, the future of music and more. Entertainment journalist Wendy Wheaton will lead the discussion with Gary Hines, leader of Sounds Of Blackness; Stokley, Singer/Songwriter/Producer; Kevin Fleming, Program Director KPFK LA and Owner of The Urban Buzz and Jacqui Thompson, President of the PRN Alumni Foundation.

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page,, and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #MOBEMondays #SoundsOfBlackness #officialstokley #theurbanbuzz #prnalumnifoundation #wendywheaton #tinseltownentertainment


On this powerful episode of MOBE Mondays, Curtis Symonds, Chairman of the MOBE Symposium and Founder of HBCU GO TV, sits down for an in-depth conversation with Jack Myers, Founder of MediaVillage and, and Philip McKenzie, Executive Director of The media and advertising industries underinvest in educational resources and talent retention programs by more than 500% compared to most growth industries. What are some of the tools necessary for long-term business growth and how do we attract and retain a diverse workforce? Join this panel of experts as they take a deep-dive into this important issue. #blackowned #LegacyMatters #MOBEMondays #mediavillage #advancingdiversity #HBCUGOTV


Let’s Get In Good Trouble!  Just months ago we lost John Lewis and CT Vivian, two of our civil rights warriors who fought bravely and diligently against discrimination and voter suppression.  We have to continue the work that they and their peers started and stand up against social and racial injustice. It’s important that we’re informed about our rights as voters, where to learn about everyone on the ballot from national down to local candidates, and how to effectively mobilize your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to make a difference at the polls.

Moderated by Pat Prescott, 94.7/The Wave, we will spotlight some of the campaigns that are reaching out to new and seasoned voters.  Speakers include Jeanine D. Liburd, BET Networks; Wanton Davis, REVOLT TV; LaTosha Brown, Black Voters Matter Fund; Towalame Austin, Sony Music; Jotaka L. Eaddy, OWN TV;  Holly Charles, The Vibe/KTSU Radio; and Lisa Cortes, “All In: The Fight For Democracy”.

To quote John Lewis, “Freedom is the continuous action we all must take, and each generation must do its part to create an even more fair, more just society”. ItsOnUs #MOBESymposium #blackowned #MOBEMondays #JusticeNow #NationalBlackVoterDay #VoteToRevolt #BlackVotersMatter #YourVoiceYourPowerYourVote #TheMovementContinuesVote2020AllInTheFightForDemocracy #OWNYourVote


With significant changes in the workforce, there are opportunities, now more than ever, to take risks. While many are taught to get a job and climb the corporate ladder, countless Gen Z and Millennials are going against the grain and opening their own businesses. In this session, young entrepreneurs will speak about their journey toward becoming modern day moguls and share how they are thriving in the age of digital and COVID.

Moderated by journalist Karla Winfrey, the speakers include Antoine M. Campbell Sr, The REI Giver; Merlande Petithomme, Master Stylist and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, Platinum Salon; and Curran J, owner of lifestyle brand and clothing company Kings Rule Together.

The session will be on Facebook Live on the MOBE Symposium page. Get a reminder at #MOBESymposium #BlackProfessionals #entrepreneurs #youngentrepreneur #modernmogul


What is the future for Black people in the consumer food industry? For many decades, brands like Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima have used Black faces to generate billions in revenue, while very few Black-owned companies have found national success in the industry.

Will 2020 be a landmark towards real change in how we spend 1.3 trillion? Learn how owners of leading Black grocery shelf brands have been surviving and striving. More importantly, understand your role in ensuring a rapid return on food spending as close as your local grocery chain. Nielsen research executive Cheryl Grace will lead a lively discussion with Allison Collins, Select Brands; Wiley Mullins, Wiley’s Specialty Foods, and Ron Damper, DAMRON Corporation.

Register at and you will be added to the #MOBESymposium directory of #BlackProfessionals and #entrepreneurs in #marketing, #entertainment, #music, #sports, #TV and #film. #blackowned #mumbosauce #unclewileys #nielsenknows #damroncorporation #foodforthought


Miles Davis is one of the most revered artists of the last 100 years, regardless of the art form. Credited with ushering in a new age of jazz more than once, Davis’s unique perception of the world is best known through his memorable music and his self-empowered persona. The Enduring Cultural Legacy of Miles Davis examines the ongoing impact of his words, music, action, and style and his amazing relevance in today’s world.

Register at and you will be added to the #MOBESymposium directory of #BlackProfessionals and #entrepreneurs in #marketing, #entertainment, #music, #sports, #TV and #film. #blackowned #milesdavis #milesstyle #milesdavisproperties #birthofthecool #legacyrecordings #marcusmiller


Hear the success stories of experienced executives who leveraged their corporate management experiences to pursue entrepreneurship. Through strategic insight, proven business development experience, and entrepreneurial drive, the journey of these Black executives are case studies in the making for the Black business community. These are leaders who have built businesses that strategically illustrate what it takes to successfully transition out of the corporate world and have had a measurable impact in the entrepreneurial world. The guests for this MOBE Mondays session will be Yolanda White, CEO of the fashion apparel company Dayo Women; Star Carter, COO of the tech startup Kanarys and Bjorn Simmons, Managing Partner of venture partnership firm Venture Noire. The guest moderator will be Denise Thomas, Trade Director, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, World Trade Center Arkansas. Register at and you will be added to the #MOBESymposium directory of #BlackProfessionals and #entrepreneurs in #marketing, #entertainment, #music, #sports, #TV and #film. #blackowned #Blackentrepreneurs #worldtradecenterarkansas #kanarys #dayowomen #venturenoire


This powerful panel will feature Black professionals who are changing the technology game. Ken Rye,  Chief Marketing Advisor at Hot Ice Entertainment Group,  has curated a panel that includes Clayton Banks, CEO of Silicon Harlem and Asante Bradford, Project Manager for Digital Entertainment and Emerging Media for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.  They’ll discuss the availability of investment capital for businesses owned by people of color and women if the government can help and where are those resources and many more topics.  #blackowned  #blacksintech #changingthegame #hoticeentertainment #siliconharlem #georgiaeconomicdevelopment


Ricardo Gamboa knows all too well what racism looks and feels like. Living life in a world that accepts their gender-neutral pronouns with a side of shade is part of what sparked them to start “The Hoodoisie”, a live news show and podcast disseminating block-optic and radical perspectives on culture and politics. Sophia Dawson is a master visual artist and muralist fusing justice works into her craft. She endeavors to create a narrative art that addresses human and political struggle. Yvonne Orr-El is the daughter of Christina “Chuckles” May, former Minister of Culture for the Illinois Black Panther Party and Delbert Orr Africa, Minister of Security & Defense for the MOVE Organization and MOBE9 Political Prisoner. As an activist, poet, author, and organizational strategist, she shares her revolutionary roots through her writings. #blackowned #artsandactivism #thehoodoisie #artisticnoise #iamwetpaint #poet #author #filmmaker #OurCultureInfluencesTheWorld #move9 #daughterofrevolutionaries #YORRConsultingGroup


Women Redefining Leadership is an important, “don’t miss” discussion on #MOBEMondays on August 3rd. Our panel will highlight the impact and experiences of foreign-born blacks in corporate America and how organizations can foster an inclusive workplace that promotes and enables their success. Moderated by Sandra Appiah, Co-Founder and President of PanaGenius Inc, our speakers are Chinwe Esimai, Managing Director, and Chief Anti-Bribery Officer at Citigroup and Alice Agyemang-Badu, Senior Advisor at New York Life Insurance. #blackowned #panagenius #womenwholead #blackwomenleaders #BlackWomenInCorporateAmerica

July 27: “PERSISTENCE, PERSEVERANCE, and PIVOT: How Entrepreneurs Maintain Their Business Plans and Strategies in Uncertain Business Times” Roundtable”

Meet five entrepreneurs who started their businesses pre COVID-19 and 2020 was supposed to be their breakout year. Despite quarantines, closures and a pending recession, these entrepreneurs have been able to pivot, and still “win”. Moderated by Kenneth Abrams, Abrams Insurance Agency, the esteemed panel includes Audrey Powell, Spicegrove Food/Beverage Company, Brandon Byrd, Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats, Sita Lewis, Mama Sita’s Miracle Butter Cream, Dennis Bulluck, Wine Consultant/Elite Nation Entertainment/True Hemp Life and Kurtae Boyd, Amazing Lash Studio. #AbramsInsurance #SpicegroveRoselle #GoodiesFrozenCustard #MamaSitaMiracleButterCream #EliteNation #TrueHempLife #AmazingLashStudio

July 20: “The Film Professionals Roundtable”

As the strides are being made for better and increased representation of Blacks in the creative process of filmmaking, so is there an increasingly growing presence of Blacks making an impact where the intersection of the creative and business sides of the film industry take place as well. 

In this MOBE Mondays webinar, join us for a roundtable discussion from those who are impacting the industry from their unique and highly visible roles. Moderating the discussion will be media personality Marsha Bonhart and speakers include Floyd Rance, Co-Founder Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival; film producer and director Monty Ross; and film critic Reginald Ponder. 

Register at and you will be added to the MOBE Symposium directory of Black professionals and entrepreneurs in #marketing, #entertainment, #music, #sports, #TV and #film. #mobesymposium #mobemondays  #BusinessOfEntertainment  #BlackFilmmakers  #BusinessofBlackFilmmaking  #BlackFilmFestivals  #BlackFilmsMatter #DiversityInHollywood #OscarsSoWhite

 July 13: “Racial Equity: Another Coming Attraction To The Advertising Industry”

In the current climate of social unrest and cultural change, we are seeing emerging voices speaking truth to power on systemic racism and racial inequities. In the workplace for example, among the industries being impacted have been fashion, financial, retail and sports. Diverse voices and others are being silent no longer.

In this #MOBEMondays session, the spotlight will be shined on the programs and leading voices of change in the advertising and broader marketing communications industry. Trails are being blazed to higher ground, which level the playing fields so others will have opportunities for equitable success in having influential and profitable industry careers.

Moderated by Dorinda Walker, CEO, Cultural Solutions Group, the esteemed panel includes Monique Braham-Evans, 212NYC Board Member and LoopMe Account Executive and Lincoln Stephens, Co-Founder of the Marcus Graham Project. #BlackProfessionals and #entrepreneurs in #marketing, #entertainment, #music, #sports, #TV and #film. #racialequity #racialequityinadvertising #diversity #VoicesOfChange #marketing #advertising #BrandMarketing #Inclusion #CommitToChange #CulturalSolutionsGroup #LoopMe #MarcusGrahamProject #600AndRising #100RosesFromConcrete #BlackList100 #BlacksInMarketing #BlackTalentMatters #BlackLivesMatter #WorkplaceDiversity #FutureOfWork


Pepper Miller will lead an interesting and lively discussion about Black consumer value today and the future of Black consumer marketing during and post #GeorgeFloyd with three of the industry’s brightest experts on Black insights and effectively engaging Black America, Reginald Osborne, Autumn McDonald, and Tiyale Hayes.

The #GeorgeFloyd Movement has clearly directed attention to the racial inequalities and plight of Black America. Many corporate brands have promised to stand with the Black community and support the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

However, while this is a good start, two issues emerge: It is not enough to acknowledge Black consumers during moments of crisis and several business leaders continue to have conversations that challenge Black consumer value.

July 6: “The Return of Live Entertainment in This Pandemic Age”

June 29: AARP presents “A Fireside Chat: Can New Emerging Technologies Solve Old Health Problems?”

Can innovations in technology help us in our quest for a healthier and longer life?  In this powerful session presented by AARP, Nigel Smith, their Director, Innovation Labs,  will discuss these fascinating disruptors with Dr. Damon T. Arnold, Medical Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Pre COVID-19, people in the United States were getting older and living longer than ever before, bringing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.  Yet there were major life expectancy disparities; your zip code determined how long you lived.  COVID-19 highlighted the significance of these disparities.  How can disruptive technologies such as sensors, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, wearables, and voice recognition help to level the life expectancy playing field within the constraints of challenging social determinants of health, and empower everyone to choose how they live as they age? #aarpinnovationlabs #mobesymposium #mobemondays #blackhealth

June 22: “The Clark Sisters/Intersection of Black Business in Entertainment, Music and the Church”

In celebration of Black Music Month, join an engaging conversation about the business of entertainment, music, and the church and how they intersect to fuel the Black Creative Economy. This exchange will be anchored around the record-breaking Lifetime Original Biopic, The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel. It promises to be fun, educational, and inspirational. Moderated by Kelly Redmond, founder of Impact Media, the speakers include the film’s director, Christine Swanson,  co-writer, Camille Tucker,  music producer, Donald Lawrence, Danielle A Scruggs, founder of and Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Senior Pastor, Trinity United Church Of Christ.Register at and you will be added to the MOBE Symposium directory of Black professionals and entrepreneurs in marketing, entertainment, music, sports, TV and film.  #ClarkSisters #FirstLadiesOfGospel  #GospelMusic #MusicBusiness #EntertainmentBusiness #ChurchBusiness #DonaldLawrence #ChristineSwanson #CamilleTucker #ImpactMedia  #PositiveImpactCampaign #BlackWomen #BlackWomenDirectors #TrinityUnitedChurch #RevOtisMoss


Real Men Cook® events over the past 31 years are part of a national crusade to positively change the way the world views Black men in relation to their families and the community.  This session with prominent Black chefs is an inside look at the preparation for Real Men Cook’s global and virtual 2020 event being held on Father’s Day, June 21st.  2020 allows the Black-owned brand builders to face the losses of men to COVID-19, 400 years of systematic racism, and racist media images. We will destroy the myths and stereotypes and restore hope for families of all configurations.

Real Men Cook’s Co-Founder and CMO, Yvette Moyo, will serve as the moderator.  The speakers include Chef Cliff Rome, Chef Robert Gadsby, Chef Jeff Henderson, Chef Ron Duprat, Chef Jernard Wells, and DeQuandre “Chef Dre” Williams, who are Executive Chefs, authors, television personalities, empowerment speakers and business owners.
Register you will be added to the MOBE Symposium directory of Black professionals and entrepreneurs in marketing, entertainment, music, sports, TV, and film.  #realmencook #realblackmen #blackchefs #fathersday #blackfathers #COVID19 #RealMenCookTheCrusade

June 8: Balancing Acts: Diversity Equity & Inclusion Leaders Speak

Moderator: De-Dee Loftin, Racial Equity Consultant Speakers: Mita Mallick, Head, Diversity & Cross-Cultural Marketing, Unilever; Greg Cunningham,  Senior Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, US Bank ; Carter, COO, Kanarys

Often times diversity and inclusion, and more recently, equity has been viewed primarily through the lens of increasing the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in the workforce. But as the demographics of the 21st-century workforce change, a global lens also is employed as well as the imperative to integrate between many interrelated disciplines e.g. corporate social responsibility and cross-cultural marketing. Thus, members of the workforce often find themselves in a profoundly diverse working environment. This can be a challenge but also a resource.  Our panelists will discuss and illustrate how some organizations navigate and impact change to thrive in this brave new world. Our featured host is  De-Dee Loftin Davis, Communications Chair, Greater Philadelphia NAACP.  Our guest speakers are Greg Cunningham, Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President, US Bank; Mita Mallick, Head of Cross Cultural Marketing, Unilever; and Star Carter, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Kanarys.

JUNE 3: A Fireside Chat: “The Brain Trust Behind MOBE: The $200 Million Brand”

MOBE, Marketing Opportunities in Business and Entertainment, has been synonymous with networking, strategic alliances, business building, and empowerment for African American professionals.  Brands, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs come together to engage, share case studies, and create opportunities.  Now with more millennials foregoing the corporate route, the “MOBE Way” provides the blueprint of how to maneuver in this new environment.

This fireside chat featured MOBE Founder & CEO, Yvette Moyo, and MOBE Symposium Chairman, Curtis Symonds as they break down how an idea 28 years ago turned into a legacy brand that generated  $200 million in deals. #mobemondays #legacymatters #hbcutvgo #realmencook #realmencharities

JUNE 1: “The Impact of COVID-19 on Black

Media consumption has increased dramatically during #COVID19.  How are our Black media outlets coping and staying alive when the shutdown of local businesses affected much of their revenue? How are brands and advertisers adjusting their consumer messaging? Join us when leaders in the Black media industry tackle these questions and more.

Our Featured Host is award-winning journalist and author Ed Gordon. Our guest speakers are Louis Carr, President, Media Sales, BET Networks; Linda Jefferson, Senior Vice President/Group Media Services, Burrell Communications and Cheryl Grace, Senior Vice President, US Strategic Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement, Nielsen.

Register at and you also be added to the MOBE Symposium directory of Black professionals and entrepreneurs in marketing, entertainment, music, sports, TV, and film. #mobemondays #angelastribling #iamlouiscarr #PowerfulPenny #mediamaven78

MAY 26: “Health Issues In and Impacting The Black Community

Have you wondered why Miss Rona is so rampant in the Black Community? Is a healthy Black Community in our future? How do we combat this pandemic?  Those and other important questions will be discussed by our panel of experts on the next session of MOBE Mondays, which will be held on Tuesday, May 26th, due to the Memorial Day holiday. They will bring you truth and facts to combat the myths and fear that is being spread to divide us.

Our Featured Host is Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire, Doctor of Naturopathy, and host of the Sirius XM show “Ask The Good Doctor” (  Her expert guest speakers include Walter T. Geer, III, SVP TBWA\World Health; Roslyn Y. Daniels, Founder, and President, Black Health Matters; Dr. Obari Cartman, Program Manager, Real Men Charities; Dr. Hassan Tetteh, Surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery, Uniformed Services University.

May 18: “The Growing Business of Cannabis – Are We In?”

Our featured host is Jacqueline “Jackie” Rhinehart, Founder of The Hemp Company/Organic Soul Farm. She will be joined by Mary Pryor, Co-Founder of Cannaclusive and Ericka Pittman, Chief Marketing Officer at Viola Brands.

This was the first part of a series about this industry where we broke down the misinformation about cannabis, hemp and CBD, access to ownership, where are the opportunities for the Black businessman/woman, and more. 

May 11: The HBCU Athlete: Access To Excellence Matters

The weekly Marketing Opportunities in Business and Entertainment (MOBE) Mondays series have been very successful. We invite you to join us on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 7 pm ET, 6 pm CT, 4 pm PT for yet another dynamic and interesting conversation on “The HBCU Athlete: Access To Excellence Matters.” The featured host is Dr. Fitz Hill, former President of HBCU Arkansas Baptist College and now Executive Director of the Arkansas Baptist College Foundation and The Scott Ford Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development.

Our speakers are Robert Scoop Jackson, writer & producer at ESPN & Strong Island Media; Charles Oakley, former NBA player and co-founder of The Oakley Agency; Zina Garrison, retired Tennis champion and founder of the Zina Garrison Academy and Darrell Walker, former NBA player and coach and current Head Coach of the Little Rock Trojans at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

May 4 – The Impact of Black Culture On The Global Economy

Hosted by Tuwisha D. Rogers-Simpson, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships, One Solution; Detavio Samuels, President of iOne Digital, One Solution and OneX; and Sandra Appiah Babu-Boateng, Co-founder and President of PanaGenius Inc.,

iOne and One Solution are part of one of the largest media companies in the country, Urban One, founded by Cathy Hughes, and home to Radio One, TV One, Cleo TV, Madame Noire, Global Grind. Cassius, Hello Beautiful, News One, Black Planet, Bossip, Hip Hop Wired.

April 27: “The Trials and Triumphs of Black Entrepreneurship”

Hosted by Curtis Symonds, MOBE Symposium Chairman and Founder of HBCU GO TV. Our speakers are Michele Thornton Ghee, CEO Strategic Alliance; Ken Rye, Chief Marketing Advisor, Ken Rye Marketing; Dedra N. Tate, President, Unlimited Contacts Inc.

April 20 : Ed Gordon, The State of Black America, hosted by Dorinda Walker

MOBE Advisory Board Member Dorinda Walker speaks with Ed Gordon, award-winning journalist and author of the acclaimed book, Conversations in Black! In the interview, they discussed The State of Black America and his conversations on power, politics, and leadership with well-known thought leaders ranging from Maxine Waters to Killer Mike.