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20 APRIL 2018

Prudential presents MOBE 2018

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[ About Us ]

MOBE (Pronounced “moe-bee”) is where Marketing, Technology, Sports & Entertainment professionals converge with early-stage/growing businesses, business professionals and corporations. The MOBE Mission: To facilitate discussion, instruction and business building relationships.

  • From 1992 through 2003 the MOBE series delivered a business building, education and mentoring resources for African-American professionals; sports, entertainment and other entrepreneurs.
  • MOBE facilitated deals between these companies and large corporations to grow their businesses.
  • The brand remains strong, as it delivered on an intention most conferences don’t: To build business!!!
  • A Proven track record for presenting strategic alliances and professional development.
  • Our registrants directly influenced the spending power and impacted a vastly larger urban consumer base.
  • More than $187 million in business was generated to African-American companies as a direct result of associations conceived at MOBE symposiums.
  • Created MOBE IT part of the symposium series in 1999, as well at the MOBE IT Awards, which recognized individuals known today as experts: Randall Pinkett and Omar Wasow are just a few.


The dynamics of today’s marketplace demand the return of the premise upon which MOBE was founded. Today’s consumer is more ethnically and racially diverse than ever. Culture, while still heavily influenced by African Americans is rapidly evolving to a true cross-cultural mixture and texture of tastes, lifestyles, music and fashion. And the platforms consumers use to access their content and information have exploded. Brands now need multiple ways and multiple pieces of content to reach today’s consumers. The pace at which platforms emerge have made it difficult to manage communication effectiveness for sustained periods of time.

While there are dozens of business conferences produced everyday, few if any are focused on helping new entrepreneurs, established businesses and professionals create opportunities.

  •  Facilitate introductions to key business influencers.
  • Develop strategic alliances.
  • Broker business building relationships and alliances.


MOBE is the convergence of brands, agencies, media companies. producers and entrepreneurs.
Meet the who’s who of Marketing, Business, Sports and Entertainment. MOBE gives everyone the opportunity to meet with leaders in their organizations and their respective fields.
Looking to reach Multi-cultural and Diverse clients, consumers and subscribers? MOBE is definitely the place to be.
Entrepreneurs are always welcomed at MOBE. Whether you are “starting out” or “starting over” in a new career, MOBE can help.


MOBE was created to empower. The idea to bring talented innovators and influencers across all industries and stages of their careers with the common goal to align and advance and to create new opportunities made a lot of sense in 1992. In 2017 it is imperative. Under the leadership of MOBE Co-Founder, Yvette Moyo and MOBE 2017 Chairman, Curtis Symonds, with a team of lifelong MOBE Loyalists, we are proud to present MOBE 3.0, the renewed phase of MOBE to the next generation of leaders, innovators, and creators to keep the legacy of cooperative economics and collaboration opportunities alive.

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Years of Excellence

[ Testimonials ]

We are very proud of the success and accomplishments of our MOBE Alumni, and we are honored when they share their stories about how MOBE positively impacted their lives and their careers. Here are a few comments from MOBE Attendees about how we helped them achieve their professional goals.

Being named "1997 Marketer of the Year" by Brand Week Magazine for my success with the Sprite brand was great, but another career highlight was my first presentation at MOBE. I was encouraged to find that the participants at the MOBE symposiums represent some of the brightest marketing minds in the country. I try to arrange my schedule to attend as many MOBE symposiums as possible.
Darryl Cobbin
Global Marketing Manager, World Wide Sports and Entertainment, Coca-Cola
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John Doe
Finance Manager
MOBE is a Godsend. I have been in the advertising specialty business for three years. My largest contract is a result of MOBE. MOBE has introduced me to some of the most successful people in the entertainment, hair care and financial industries. All of this in just two MOBEs!
Anthony Brogdan
President, Multi-Business Concepts